A Peer-Supported Community for Sober Living



Zero tolerance means zero tolerance. There will be no use or possession of drugs, alcohol, spice, kava, kratom or any other mind-altering substances by TIME Sober Living clients. Other prohibited substances include diet pills, steroids, any mouthwash containing alcohol, cough syrup, cold medicine or Coricidin. If you are questioning it, bring it to our staff and we will let you know if it falls under this category.

TIME Sober Living is NOT a flophouse, and we take pride in helping those who truly want to learn how to live sober. We understand and will never judge you based on what you don’t know. Should you relapse, test positive on a UA, or are determined to be behaving out of character; we will always give you an opportunity for honesty and growth. Should you decide to accept our help, the following will take place:

Staff will contact the referring treatment center for their clinical recommendation. Your treatment facility may request for you to go back to the facility for stabilization and/or additional treatment.

If the above scenario does not apply to you, TIME Sober Living will arrange the following on your behalf:

  • Detox, if needed
  • Two week stabilization
  • Transfer to another reputable sober living community

Should you not accept our help or take advantage of this opportunity, you will have 30 minutes to pack your belongings and seek alternative options. TIME Sober Living will not assist in any way.

Any client who is aware of their peers and/or staff being in possession of drugs/alcohol/paraphernalia, have a personal responsibility and obligation to report the incident to management immediately. Protect your community. You live here!

We also have zero tolerance for any threatening, violent, and/or aggressive behavior toward another resident and/or staff member. Not only will you be discharged and asked to leave the property immediately, but we will also call authorities if needed.

Furthermore, clients are restricted from the following:

  • Kava Bars
  • Hookah Bars
  • Bars that are not restaurant establishments and/or do not serve food


All rules and regulations strictly enforced.