A Peer-Supported Community for Sober Living



Pass Requests

All passes—whether overnight, weekend or short-term—must be approved by a TIME Sober Living staff member. It is the client’s responsibility to complete a pass request form and turn it in to the staff a week prior to the event. A staff member will call to validate the pass and determine eligibility. Recreational passes are limited to once a month if the client is in Phase II or higher. Other factors considered for pass approval are the same as phase changes.



Clients who own and operate personal vehicles are permitted to park in the designated area on property. We will require a copy of your registration, valid driver’s license and active insurance. A staff member will search your vehicle as soon as it arrives on the property.

Under no circumstances are clients permitted to lend their vehicles to other residents. Doing so will be at the clients own risk and discretion. TIME does not hold any responsibility or liability.



Clients are required to have a sponsor within the first two weeks of arrival at TIME. Please be prepared to provide staff with that individual’s name and telephone number so that we may call to verify.

Once you obtain a sponsor, you are required to work the program of recovery suggested by your sponsor. Nine out of 10 staff members are in recovery themselves, so we know what living in the solution looks and feels like. We want that for YOU. The solution is simple… get a sponsor, do the steps, and be of maximum service to others.

We will have contact with all sponsors and encourage sponsors to reach out to us in order to go over your development and to see if you have any special needs that we can address.



Once you are officially in Phase I, you will be required to look for employment, which we will assist you with. We urge you to take advantage of all the resources we have to offer. Make an appointment with the Client Development Specialist to learn more about how we can help. You will NOT move on to Phase II until you have a job. Should you have a special circumstance which restricts you from working, please let us know so that together we can explore other options, which may include volunteering at local organizations or taking steps to further your education.


Gym Membership

Gym membership at UFit is included in the cost of your rent. If you are not going in the van, you may request the gym pass from a member of our staff. They will ask you to sign it out, provide the number on the back of the tag, and secure the tag with a personal item. Examples of this may be an ID of some sort, cash or a credit card. The tag must be returned the same day it is checked out, at which point you will be given back your personal item.



Rent is due every Friday. An invoice will be provided for your review. Those with an overdue balance who are lacking the motivation or willingness to make payment will ultimately be discharged.


Guest Policy

Visitors are always welcome. It’s the client’s responsibility to notify a member of the TIME staff whenever you are expecting a guest. Upon arrival, your guest must come to the administration office to check-in. If it is determined that your guest is under the influence, they will be asked to leave immediately.

Immediate family members and sponsors are permitted from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm daily. This applies to all phases.

Visitors other than immediate family are permitted from 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Phase IV residents may have visitors from 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm, but only if they are currently employed.

Clients may enter and visit with other clients in their respective units as long as the client residing in that particular unit is present and of the same gender.

Only immediate family and sponsors are permitted inside your unit.


Relationships and Coupling Policy

It is suggested that one refrain from being in a relationship for the first 12 months of sobriety. Let’s be realistic here, chances of that happening are next to none. We get it, but we DO NOT CONDONE IT.

Any type of sexual relations with another TIME client residing in the same unit will not be tolerated. Clients choosing to engage in any type of relationship with another client within the same community will be discharged immediately.

If a male client is caught on the female property, or vice versa, it will be handled as a relapse. Immediate discharge. Zero tolerance. Coupling is not permitted between TIME clients on either property or in between the properties (Coconut Road, the stop sign, a neighbor’s yard/driveway). male/female clients are, however, permitted to meet at a separate location. Male/female clients are not permitted to pick up clients from the North or South property, unless special circumstances are deemed necessary. Staff will determine and approve the special circumstance.


General Must Knows

All clients who have been approved for admittance are considered to be residents of TIME. This means that clients forfeit their right to privacy and will surrender all privileges pertaining to locked rooms. It is considered the staff’s responsibility to search rooms, personal belongings and vehicles at any given time.

Lost or stolen property should be reported immediately. Staff will assist in locating any items which may be found. However, at no point is TIME to be held liable for those items. Personal items that are borrowed by other residents are solely at the client’s risk and discretion.

Clients are not permitted to borrow or lend money to another resident or staff member under any circumstances.

Any and all forms of gambling are prohibited.

Pornographic materials are not allowed on TIME property. This includes the viewing of pornographic materials, whether physical or on the Internet. Non-compliance will result in immediate discharge.


Recovery Resident and Landlord-Tenant Rights

The recovery resident recognizes that they have no recourse under traditional landlord tenant law.

Recovery residents agree to abide by any non-written changes in rules at management’s discretion.

Recovery residents agree to be bound by the terms of the above stated rules, guidelines and agreements.


All rules and regulations strictly enforced.