A Peer-Supported Community for Sober Living



In order to proceed with the admissions process, you must first receive a negative result on your drug and breathalyzer tests.

Drug tests are performed as scheduled by staff and management and specimens are sent to a laboratory for analysis. Clients have the option of utilizing the clinical laboratory services of their choice. A list of other providers will be provided upon request. The laboratory will file claims against your insurance benefits for these services when applicable. Clients who change insurance providers are responsible for notifying a member of the TIME staff and providing the necessary information for the new policy. Not doing so, will affect your services while at TIME Sober Living.

Residents will be required to see our Medical Director—an MD Board Certified Addiction Psychologist—within their first week of residing with us, and periodically throughout their stay at TIME Sober Living.

In the event that you receive a positive lab result, a staff member will contact management and address the situation with you. We are dedicated to maintaining your privacy. It is our policy to meet with you individually and discuss the next steps.

All drug tests are to be taken in front of a member of the same sex where they can view you providing a urine sample.

You are at no time to consume any food or beverage product that may alter the results of the UA tests. This may include, but is not limited to, any food/beverage containing poppy seeds, alcohol, kratom, or kava.

We preform daily breathalyzer tests which will be randomly asked for throughout the day. Mouthpieces for the breathalyzer machine are provided two times per month free of charge and are stored in our medication closet.

Refusal to provide a urine sample and/or perform a breathalyzer test will be considered a positive result and grounds for immediate discharge.


All rules and regulations strictly enforced.