A Peer-Supported Community for Sober Living



Chances are you already have an aftercare plan set up which consists of clinical services at a treatment center. Depending on the clinical recommendation, you may be in a PHP, IOP or OP level of care. PHP is traditionally attended five days a week, IOP three days a week, and OP which consists of a group session and individual session. Please speak with your case manager or therapist at your current treatment facility for more details.

If you are participating in any such program, TIME Sober Living will hold you accountable for maintaining your attendance. This means that we will ask you for the days you have committed to attending each week. It is our staff’s responsibility to follow up with you and even wake you up if necessary. Transportation is provided by your treatment facility, so please be ready for their arrival.

TIME Recovery Center is a proprietary treatment facility affiliated and owned by the same founders of TIME Sober Living. If you are not already participating in an aftercare program, please ask a member of our staff about how you may enroll at TIME Recovery Center.


All rules and regulations strictly enforced.