A Peer-Supported Community for Sober Living




My son, 24 years old, was discharged from a rehab facility in Florida in December. He moved into Time Sober Living in December 2014. This was my son’s second time around in rehab and second time residing at a sober living facility. From the time my son moved in TIME has been helpful, professional, and has always gone the extra mile. My son has some medical issues, as well as mental health issues, and the staff at TIME made sure he had all the prescriptions he needed when he was discharged. My son is lucky enough to be covered under 2 health plans, as well as has a prescription plan. Erika Gonzalez at TIME was so helpful in making sure all of his plans were up to date at the pharmacy as well as with healthcare providers.

The TIME staff also helped my son get to his IOP, NA meetings and physician appointments. The structure and house rules at TIME are so important, but they have a caring attitude and want their clients to succeed. The staff at TIME gives me peace of mind as a mother. My husband and I are in New Jersey, and our son is in Florida. When I get worried and don’t hear from my son, or if we don’t think he is doing the right thing, the staff at TIME will help us. They are a phone call, text, email, or fax away from helping you, and they always get back to you and follow-up. I am grateful to TIME for all they do!

Thank you.

Joanne M.


My daughter had been in and out of rehabs and halfway houses for years. Nothing seemed to work and the halfway houses she had been to just were not the right fit. They were either too strict, too lenient or just didn’t give her what she needed for her recovery. Since she has been at TIME, everything has changed. She actually wants to be there. She is actually happy getting sober for the first time. The staff at TIME has just the right balance of support, accountability and a warm family feel to it. They make their residents feel hopeful, supported and loved, but at the same time hold them accountable for their actions and make sure that they stay on the right path. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed, but for the first time am hopeful that my daughter will actually be successful in her recovery. I can’t thank the staff at TIME enough for all they have done and continue to do for my daughter.



TIME Sober Living has been and still is a key component to my success in recovery. TIME has given me the tools to help me regain control of my life again. The staff at TIME is exceptional. They have created a community full of positivity with many options available to aid in the recovery process. They helped me get my life back. When I came to TIME I didn’t have any hope left after using for 8 years. TIME has helped me every step of the way and for that I’m am forever grateful!

Francis M.


I was not new to the rehab scene, and I was in and out of rehabs for years. Finally, I found TIME, and that’s when everything got better for me. Management actually cares about you, as well as all of your needs. They take you everywhere you need to go, and help you get everything accomplished. They even provide you with gym passes, and will take you on weekend activities. I loved it there, and it was a great recovery for me. The apartments are all extremely clean, and well maintained, and the people are awesome! Through them I found a job, worked for 5 months, and was able to get back on my own feet, get a car, and get my own place. I owe my life, and my recovery, to the people at TIME. I now have over 9 months clean, and I still visit daily. I recommend this place to any chronic relapser like me. You cannot ask for a better place, and community to recover. I owe them my life!



I’m writing this testimonial out of GRATITUDE for the opportunities and gifts blessed upon me while living at TIME Sober Living. Since I have lived here, i have been blessed with a roof over my head, food in my stomach, opportunities to persevere my search for work, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY…GIVEN THE GIFT OF AA FELLOWSHIP through which all of this has come to fruition. I have been welcomed into AA with open arms, blessed with a wonderful sponsor, a home group, have been active as an AA volunteer and of course attend meetings and work the steps. I even started my Registered Nursing job TODAY.

All of this is possible thanks to your gift of extending this halfway home opportunity to me. Thank you for all that you do…you are both a BLESSING AND GIFT.

Serenity every minute!

Peg B.