A Peer-Supported Community for Sober Living



Our most valuable resource is our dedicated and compassionate management team. TIME was founded by individuals who have found success in recovery from drugs and alcohol, and it was their vision to share these experiences with others that prompted the creation of TIME Sober Living. Our team of experts help to guide—rather than command—our residents through their individual journeys to recovery. We’ll work together to promote a feeling of self-worth within the recovering individual, while teaching them the skills they need to be successful on their own and achieve sustained wellness.

Erika I. Gonzalez — Co-Founder and CEO

Erika Gonzalez and her husband Moe are founding members of Things I Must Earn, LLC. Together, through the uncertainties and destruction of addiction, they remained faithful in their purpose. Everyday Erika shows up to work, she is reminded of how her journey brought her here.

Erika has been in the substance abuse field since 2011. Her career started off at a call center as an admissions coordinator for one of the largest treatment providers in Palm Beach County. It was there that she learned how to form a bond and level of trust with someone reaching out for help for the first time. Her ability to connect with people on a deep emotional level coupled with her personal experience gave people an opportunity for hope. Erika continued to challenge herself and eventually her hunger for personal development landed her as Director of Admissions at another treatment facility where she gained significant insight on the operations and administrative responsibilities needed to be a quality and client centered treatment provider.

At TIME, Erika is best at developing relationships. Whether with a client or supportive family member, Erika takes pride in knowing and referring to every client/family member by name. Erika truly believes “this is a people business” and in order to succeed in a saturated market full of unethical practices and scrutiny, you must be vested in your clients.

Erika is a mother of four. Her children’s ages range from 3-20. “They give me the strength to persevere even when I don’t want to.” She had her family reside in Wellington, Florida.

Erika is an active member and huge supporter of Christ Fellowship, Royal Palm Beach Campus. This is where her true healing began and continues to happen with every respect in her life.

Success for her will be determined when she is remembered as someone who took such a dark period in her life and through that experience helped many people understand the power of addiction and how much greater God’s power is.


Moises Gonzalez — Co-Founder

Moises Gonzalez, best known as Moe, is one of the co-founders of TIME. He and Erika have been married for 14 years and have 4 children. Family life for him wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies as it is today. During those rough times, Moe had to lean on strong supports in Al-Anon. From the fellowship he learned that he “didn’t cause it, can’t control it nor can he cure it”. This way of life has contributed to the TIME community as he is able to develop relationships not only with the clients but also the family.

Professionally, Moe’s role as Managing Director enables him to establish a sense of community. He is responsible for the maintenance of the property and making sure the clients have everything they need from us in order to learn how to live in recovery. The guys at TIME North look to him for advise on healthy eating and exercise. Daily, he takes them to the gym and works out with them. He believes so much more happens during that hour than lifting weights. Recovery is a three-fold process of mind, body and spirit.


Eugene Parker — Supervisor of Operations

Eugene Parker, (Gene for short) is a valued member of the TIME Team, and aspires to help people that want help. When the owners of TIME called him and offered him the job, he knew it was a great opportunity to help others and be a part of something special.
Gene is known for his good word and dedication, as well as his knack for problem solving. Gene enjoys helping clients to realize the true nature of the disease of addiction. Clients say that he is genuine, caring, and helpful.

Professionally, Gene is most passionate about the care of TIME clients. Here he is most excited about the fact that he is making a difference. Getting clients to focus on themselves instead of others, and the solution and not the problem, is truly thrilling to Gene. He hopes to be remembered for the difference that he made at TIME by helping others.

Personally, Gene is passionate about his recovery. On a day off, you can find him fishing or hanging out with friends. Gene originally grew up in Fort Myers, FL, but started a new life in Palm Beach County during his early sobriety and decided to stay. Gene loves nonprofit organizations that focus on the help and safety of animals, “because they can’t change things for themselves.”


Aleksandra Klauberg —Supervisor of Operations

Aleks moved to Florida from Philadelphia, Pa in 2012. After a series of unsuccessful treatments and a number of hard years battling addiction, she was finally ready for a new life. Out of treatment, Aleks went to a halfway house and stayed there for a full year. Towards the end of her stay, she became the manager of the halfway. Early into her recovery, with the help of a sponsor, Aleks began to understand the importance of service work. She became involved in a series of service commitments, including bringing meetings into hospitals and treatment centers. She feels there is nothing more rewarding than seeing how recovery can change a person’s life. Regretfully, education fell by the wayside during her addiction. Aleks is now back in school and about to start her third year of undergraduate studies. After graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science, Aleks hopes to continue on to law school. Aleks recently got engaged and will be tying the knot next year! In her free time, she can be found cooking, gardening or hanging out with her fiancé, Wes, and their two rowdy hound dogs!


Lazaro ‘Laz’ LugoClient Development Specialist

Laz moved to Miami, Florida from Cuba in 1980 at the age of 15. Growing up in Miami, he joined a gang and was introduced to marijuana and cocaine. After being in and out of jail for three years, Laz went to state prison for five years and then federal prison for six. Upon release, Laz relocated in Delray Beach, Florida where he remained clean for about two years before breaking sobriety and getting arrested once more, this time facing 64 years in state prison. When Laz finally realized he had a problem with drugs, he knew he had to do something about his addiction, so he turned to prayer. 30 days later, Laz went to court and made a plea to the judge. Laz was sentenced to four years in prison, 18 months of military camp rehabilitation, four months in a halfway house, four months of IOP, four months of after care, and four years of probation. Laz learned about the 12-Step Program while in a military-style rehab, and decided to follow it in order to stay clean and change his life. Once he reached the halfway house, Laz found a sponsor, followed the steps, went to meetings and followed all suggestions given to him. Laz set three goals for himself: his short-term goal was to finish his 12 steps and sentencing, his mid-term goal was to get his own place and finish his probation, and his long-term goal was to work in treatment to help other addicts recover from this disease. Laz celebrated 11 years of sobriety on July 27 of this year, and has been working in the treatment field for the last eight years. Today, Laz works for Time Recovery Center as a Client Development Specialist, continues to work his program, still has a sponsor, goes to meetings and is involved in big support groups.