A Peer-Supported Community for Sober Living


About Us

Conveniently located in Lake Worth, Florida, TIME Sober Living is a peer-supported community that specializes in gender-specific recovery and offers facilities that individually meets the needs of both men and women. Our founders each have successful personal experiences with recovery, allowing for the teaching of tried and true methods for embracing and enjoying sober living. We focus on increasing personal accountability and respect, while helping members to integrate back into society and achieve their individual goals. At TIME, we take sober living seriously and uphold only the most ethical of practices. We believe that while recovery takes hard work, it can be fun as well! With weekends highlighted by recreational activities that include paintball games, community BBQs, movie nights and pizza parties, we foster an environment that promotes social interaction, peer support and entertainment!



Our mission is to apply the amenities of communal support and protection to utilize our members’ time and maximize their recovery. Sober living begins with the first phone call, and we will always be there to answer. We strive to develop a relationship with our residents built on trust and open communication, and are committed to preserving these relationships. We act as advocates on behalf of our clients, tapping into community partnerships cultivated over time to provide our residents with resources they wouldn’t be able to obtain on their own.

At TIME Sober Living, we’re not just goal-oriented, but result-oriented as well. Whatever your goals may be, we will help you reach them. A successful recovery takes work, and TIME Sober Living will work with you every step of the way.



Our vision is that one day, every addict or alcoholic seeking recovery shall have a safe, structured and affordable residential facility where they may be free of all mind and mood-altering substances while finding the opportunity for a new way of life.



  • You MUST be sober from any and all mind-altering substances.
  • You MUST be actively involved in your recovery. We are a 12-Step house, which means you are required to attend 12-Step meetings and obtain a sponsor within your first two weeks of arrival.
  • You MUST not isolate. You are part of a community and have personal experiences to share. We want to hear it!
  • You MUST be financially responsible. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry, we can teach you!
  • You MUST be open-minded. From time to time, you will be asked to challenge yourself and think outside of the box. You will be uncomfortable, irritable and discontent. We will love you anyway.